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A relaxing game you can play for free. Great fun for you,
your family, your friends, and everyone.
Jewels Star 2018 is a classic matching game for fans of the genre.
It's another alternative if you're looking for a
relaxing and entertaining game for all ages. This version features Classic and Arcade
game modes, so you can choose your favorite and level-up by achieving the
highest possible scores.

How does it work? Surely, you already know the deal. Swap jewels in order to match three or more of the same color and
try to create bigger matches so as to obtain power-ups (for example, bombs and lightning jewels) that can later help you when you most need
them. For those who don't mind replaying the same level over and over again until you succeed, Classic is the perfect mode for them.
Otherwise, try Arcade and keep getting better and better.
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